Jet is an assertive italic sans that anticipates the return of the simpler, optimistic times when progress was considered positive and forward seemed to be the only way to go. It may have felt right at home in the mid-1970s, the time of Sc-Fi, synthetics and disco, yet it unmistakably belongs to the present. Its dynamic sturdy forms and angular tapering of some horizontal forms convey movement and edgy impatience for change, with a few re-imagined details, like the reversed slant on top of the lowercase t and the atypical round counter of the lowercase a, showing a new hope for the bygone optimism.

Available in five weights in Latin and Cyrillic, supporting many languages, with stylistic alternates and two sets of figures.

Designed by Gayaneh Bagdasaryan and Vyacheslav Kirilenko, 2020

You can free download the trial version of font. It is allowed to use the files exclusively for trial purposes in order to make a decision about purchasing. Download trial version.