QUESTION: I don’t understand which license I should buy. How do I figure this out?

ANSWER: It’s really difficult. If you have any doubts, just email us at hello@brownfox.org and we will help you.

QUESTION: Who should buy the font license — the designer or the designer’s client?

ANSWER: Both. Even if the designer passes the layout converted to outlines to the client, the client still must have his own license. The reason for this is that the font is protected by law as 1) a work of graphics; 2) a computer program. Therefore, the designer only needs a desktop license (he uses the font as a computer program). The client that uses the font primarily as graphics may need different types of licenses depending on the font usage.

QUESTION: Is it possible to purchase a license with payment by invoice?

ANSWER: Yes, it is possible. Please send your request to hello@brownfox.org and include in the email the following information:
1. What fonts and what styles you need.
2. Where the font is supposed to be used (in printing, logo, web, mobile apps, videos, social networks, etc.)
3. If the font is needed for printing, please specify the number of users (the number of computers on which the font will be installed). How many copies  are you going to print?
4. If the font is needed for the web, what is the site traffic (in page views per month)? What is the domain name?
5. If the font will be used in the video, please write the number of videoclips.
6. If the font will be used in social networks, please write the total number of your subscribers.
7. If the font is needed for other purpose, please describe where you plan to use it.
8. Attach your company details.

QUESTION: I want to buy a license, but another person/company will use the font. Is it possible?

ANSWER: Yes, it is possible. When making a purchase in the store, you can specify the licensee (a legal entity or individual who will use the font) and the payer (the one who will pay for the right to use it). You must transmit the text of the license agreement to the licensee and make sure that the licensee has read the font usage rules.

QUESTION: I want to buy a license to use the font in a mobile app that is designed for iPhone and Android. Does this count as one app or two?

ANSWER: This counts as one app.

QUESTION: Is there any discount for students?

ANSWER: Yes, we offer a 50% discount on the entire library for students (not for teachers and schools). You are allowed to use the fonts only for your student projects. If you need the fonts for commercial usage or after graduation, you should pay the rest 50%.
Just email us at hello@brownfox.org with proof of your current student status (photo/scan of student ID).

QUESTION: Would it be possible to trial the fonts before purchasing?

ANSWER: Just email us at hello@brownfox.org and we will send you a trial version of the font you are interested in. There is a limited glyph set, but you can get a foretaste of how the font works and make a decision on the purchasing.