Booklets are a short and welcoming format, but at the same time they are informative. Booklet Sans is an open sans serif, which combines friendliness and tranquility, lightness and solidity. Booklet Sans hits the nerve of time precisely, but does it unobtrusively, with pleasant moderation and balanced distance. This versatile sans serif can be used anywhere and in any size: in books and magazines, business documentation, advertising and packaging, logotypes and road navigation. At the same time, it is not at all characterized by the neutrality that has become boring to everyone – it is a typeface with its own charm, it is able to breathe life into any boring routine, and even offices will cease bringing melancholy.

Booklet Sans is part of the Booklet typeface superfamily. Booklet Serif is still in the works, planned as both a pair for the sans serif and as its own independent typeface. Booklet Sans includes five weights. The character set includes two sets of figures and currency symbols, uppercase punctuation, and a set of arrows. The typeface supports many languages using the Latin and Cyrillic scripts.
Designed by Vyacheslav Kirilenko & Gayaneh Bagdasaryan, 2024.

You can free download the trial version of font. It is allowed to use the files exclusively for trial purposes in order to make a decision about purchasing. Download trial version.